Jamnesia Surf Club

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Jamnesia Surf Club, located in the community of Eight Mile, just before reaching Bull Bay (look for the surfboard sign right after the driveway beside AB&C Groceries, next to Cave Hut Beach) is Jamaica’s number-one surfing destination. It’s run by Billy "Mystic" Wilmot, of Mystic Revealers fame, his wife Maggie, sons Icah, Inilek, Ivah, and Ishack, and daughter Imani. They are great hosts for a surf vacation and offer the widest variety of boards for rental, as well as complete surf vacation packages.

There are two good surf seasons, one during the summer (June–Sept.), the other in winter (Dec.–March). The fall and spring seasons are more of a gamble as far as surf is concerned, but the accommodation rates are lower off-season and open to negotiation. The property also features a skateboard bowl for when the water is flat.

Every other Saturday starting around 9 p.m., Jamnesia Sessions are held with live music. Jamnesia also offers a surf shuttle (US$30 per person), taking surfers to spots along the Palisadoes, like near the lighthouse, as well as surfing excursions farther afield. The shuttle also provides tailored tour guide services for those looking to be accompanied on excursions around town, up to Blue Mountain Peak or to Bobo Hill.


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T: +1 (212) 203-0064
Eight Mile
Bull Bay


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