Tuff Gong Recording Studio

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Tuff Gong Recording Studio operates as living proof that a recording artist can own his music and be in control of his product and legacy. Bob Marley started as a struggling artist much like the one depicted by Jimmy Cliff in Perry Henzell's film The Harder They Come. He was subject to the same producer-artist relationship that made voicing the next tune an economic imperative rather than a carefully planned and executed project. When Marley built Tuff Gong Recording Studio he seeded an empire that continues to earn millions of dollars per year. Today the studio operates as Marley's legacy, with his wife Rita and children Ziggy and Cedella in charge. The studio offers a guided tour, where visitors can see the entire music production process. Tuff Gong has welcomed numerous international artists, among them Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour, who came to Jamaica in 2009 to record a Bob Marley tribute album at the legendary studio. The studio can be booked for recording for about US $40 per hour. A small record shop on-site sells CDs and other Tuff Gong paraphernalia.


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T: +1 (212) 203-0064
220 Marcus Garvey Dr. Newport East
Kingston 11


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