Mille Fleurs

Moon Author's Review

Mille Fleurs (entrèes run US$25-40 ) is open daily for breakfast (8-10:30 a.m.), lunch (noon-2:30 p.m), and dinner (7-9:00 p.m). Mille Fleur changes its menu on a daily basis, serving creative dishes that emphasize the use of local, fresh ingredients, like jerk meat with papaya salsa or a pimento-roasted steak with rum-honey glaze served alongside grilled banana or pineapple. Reservations strongly recommended. Local jack fruit is also infused into salads and pesto dishes served with cassava flour pasta. One of the best restaurants around, Mille Fleurs features creative dishes fusing elements of Asian, European, and Jamaican cuisine.


T: +1 (876) 993-7134
Hotel Mockingbird Hill Drapers, Port Antonio


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