Konoko Falls

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Konoko Falls (8am-5pm daily, admission US$20 adults, US$10 children 12 and under) was upgraded in December, 2015, bringing endangered animal species to a breeding program in partnership with the Hope Zoo Preservation Trust. Visitors can see yellow-billed and black-billed parrots, iguanas and yellow snakes as well as conies and a pair of American crocodile. The waterfalls are fit for swimming and climbing with nearby rest room facilities, a bar, and jerk pit. A museum features a history of the Taino, Jamaica's earliest inhabitants, and a display covering the local watershed. Ysassi's Lookout Point, named after the last Spanish governor of Jamaica, boasts spectacular views over Ocho Rios and the bay. A Romanesque pavilion above the falls is used for events and weddings. Konoko Falls is on the Milford River, which flows through the gardens before descending through town and out the storm gulley by Moon Palace Jamaica Grande. Owner Simon Stuart's grandmother built the first resort in Ochi at Shaw Park Gardens further down the hill in 1923. Konoko was a banana walk, or gully, on Shaw Park Estate at the time, until the gardens and waterfalls were developed in the early 1990s. To get to Konoko, turn right opposite the Anglican church heading towards Fern Gully on Milford Road (A3) and follow the signs off of Shaw Park Road. Previously known as Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls, the attraction wsa recently upgraded and rebranded Konoko, meaning rainforest in Arawak, the language of the Tainos.


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Shaw Park Rd.
Ocho Rios, St. Ann


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