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Ambassabeth Cabins (Bowden Pen, from US$70-90 for two; US$25 for a tent that can sleep eight), owned and operated by the Bowden Pen Farmers Asssociation, is the most remote accommodation option in the Rio Grande Valley, located above Millbank. The famous Cunha Cunha Pass Trail leaves from Ambassabeth, as does a trail leading to Bernard Spring Falls. The White River Trail, begins in nearby Millbank, leading to a series of cascades. An unmanned ranger station is maintained by Ambassabeth caretaker Lennette Wilks in Millbank, just over the border into St. Thomas, two miles before reaching Bowden Pen. The Quaco River sacred site and White River Falls are both nearby. Ms. Wilks can arrange trail guides and meals, as well as cultural entertainment. There are a total of nine cabins, which can house up to 30 people in all. Cabins have bunk beds, single beds and double beds with sheets and blankets and towels. Bug dope should be brought along. Most cabins have their own bathrooms with hot water; for the cabin that doesn’t there’s a communal bathroom outside, also with hot water. An indoor dining and recreation area offers traditional Jamaican breakfast with dishes run down, ackee or vegetables (US$5-20).

Millbank is nestled between the Blue and John Crow Mountains 17 miles up the river valley from Port Antonio; as an alternative to the route from the Rio Grande Valley, there is a well-established 5.5-mile trail from Hayfield, St. Thomas. Trained guides at Ambassabeth are knowledgeable about the local biodiversity and cultural history. The Cunha Cunha Pass Trail is over 500 years old and connects Portland and St. Thomas over the Blue Mountains, where a lookout point at Cunha Cunha offers spectacular views.

To get to Ambassabeth, stay right after Odyssey Nighclub after passing Windsor. Ambassabeth is 17 miles from Port Antonio. Moore Town is 10 miles from Port Antonio. The road to Moore Town is passable with a lower vehicle; A 4x4 to reach Ambassabeth. The bridge that was used to walk from Moore Town to Ambassabeth within an hour was washed away in heavy rain. The alternate route is seven miles from Moore to Ambassabeth.

Terms & conditions of Stay/Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:
Cancel at least 45 days prior to arrival: full refund less transaction fees
Cancel 30 to 45 days prior to arrival: Deposit non-refundable.
Cancel within 30 of arrival days or no show: No refund; final payment is also forfeited.


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