Port Antonio & the East Coast Highlights

Errol Flynn Marina: This world-class facility in the heart of Port Antonio has a sea wall lined with flowers and benches.

Bonnie View: No degree of dilapidation to the remains of one of Errol Flynn's grand hotels can take away its view.

Winnifred Beach: One of Portland's finest beaches also has great seafood at Cynthia's. Winnifred is a popular gathering place for locals and is especially crowded on Sundays.

Folly Mansion: A perfect metaphor for the state of Portland's boom-to-bust tradition, Folly is still impressive even as it lies in ruins.

Blue Hole: Popularly known as the Blue Lagoon, a 55-meter-deep freshwater spring wells up in a protected cove to mix with the warm tide.

Reach Falls: Dotted with caves and crystal-clear pools, the island's most exciting waterfalls carve through a lush valley.

Upper Rio Grande Valley: Home base for the Windward Maroons, the wide river valley has a rich history and some of the island's most unspoiled wilderness.

Bath Hot Springs: Said to cure all manner of diseases, the hot springs and baths are never crowded and provide rejuvenating relaxation.