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Home of the Leeward or Trelawny Maroons, Accompong (derived from Achumpun, or Acheumpun, from the Twi language of Ghana) was named after a brother of the famous leader Cudjoe (Kojo) who signed a peace treaty with Great Britain that granted his people autonomy from the crown on March 1, 1738. In exch... More on Accompong

Accompong Maroons

Jamaica's Maroons date back to the Spanish settlement of the island, when it came to be accepted that a fraction of the blacks brought from Africa as slaves would not succumb to live in perpetual subordination and would instead resist perpetually until granted their freedom. These so-called "runaway... More on Accompong Maroons

Albert Town

A small hamlet at the edge of Cockpit Country, Albert Town is the center of Trelawny's yam-growing region, which celebrates the crop each year with the Trelawny Yam Festival. Albert Town is the base for the South Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) (tel. 876/610-0818,, which organizes... More on Albert Town


Alley was the capital of the former parish of Vere and remains the sugarcane-producing heartland of Clarendon. The area was once dominated by the Moneymusk Estate and is still largely covered in cane fields that feed the factory, now located closer to Lionel Town. Lionel Town is the larges... More on Alley

Alligator Pond

One of the busiest fishing villages on the South Coast, Alligator Pond has as its central attraction the seafood restaurant Little Ochie, and the nearby Manatee Hole.

Annotto Bay

At one time an important port town for export of the area's annatto crop, from whence it got its name, Annotto Bay is today bustling only by the busy taxi stand in the center of town. Otherwise, sleepy is a good description. Two notable attractions are the unique Baptist Chapel on the main road thro... More on Annotto Bay

Art Studios and Galleries

The Rock Tower (8 Pechon St. at Tower St., 876/922 9229, 876/509-0480, or Fidel Sutherland at 876/377-1381,,, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Mon.–Fri.) also known as ROKTOWA by the artists, is an inner-city gallery that helps develop local talent by encouraging linkages betwee... More on Art Studios and Galleries

ATI Weekend

The weekends around Emancipation Day (August 1, 1838) and Independence Day (August 6, 1962) are filled with parties in Negril as Absolute Temptation Isle ( and competing event Appleton Treasure Island (contact Appleton's Kingston office, tel. 876/923-6141, t... More on ATI Weekend


Manchester is Jamaica's sixth-largest parish, much of its land located at relatively high altitudes with three mountain ranges: the May Day Mountains, the Don Figuerero Mountains, and the Carpenters Mountains, where the highest peak in the parish stands at 844 meters. Any approach to Mandeville, the... More on Mandeville


Negril has become Jamaica's foremost beach town, evolving over the past decade along with the changing nature of the tourists who come to bask in the sun and adopt the island's pace. Today, world-class restaurants and lodging provide an alternative to the low-key guesthouses and seafood stal... More on Negril