Savanna La Mar and Vicinity


Along the route from Negril to Savanna-la-Mar, the hills open up a few kilometers east from the beach to vast alluvial plains along Cabarita River that sustain Jamaica's largest sugarcane crop, processed at Frome. Small communities like Negril Spot and Little London dot the route and offer little excuse to stop. A turn off the main road in Little London leads to Little Bay, one of Jamaica's most laid-back beach towns, which is predominantly the keep of small-scale fishermen.


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Roaring River

Ten minutes from Savanna-la-Mar off of the B8, Roaring River make for a good day trip from Negril or Bluefields. The Roaring River cave guided tour costs US$5 per person. Expect to be aggressively approached as soon as you near the main building for the site. Tipping the guide is also expected. The discomfort the guides and managers of this attraction create is sadly an overbearing deterrent to all but the most unwaveringly defensive of visitors. The uninhibited will find caves and underground rivers and barely useful guides.

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Paradise Park

Paradise Park (US$5 admission to park, US$40 horseback riding) is one of the best places in Jamaica for down-to-earth small-group (up to 10 at a time) rides on an expansive seaside ranch a few kilometers east of Savanna-la-Mar in Ferris Cross. Riders are led through beautiful countryside to a river park and private beach for a 1.5-hour loop. The river park area has bbq pits and tables, perfect for picnics and a refreshing dip.

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