Green Grotto Caves

Moon Author's Review

Green Grotto Caves (9 a.m.–4 p.m. daily) is Jamaica's most commercially successful cave attraction, located on a 26-hectare property between Runaway and Discovery bays. While tamer than the experiences you can have in the heart of Trelawny's Cockpit Country a bit farther west, Green Grotto, also known as Runaway Cave or Hopewell Cave, is nonetheless a well-conceived organized tour, especially considering it is owned and operated by Jamaica's Urban Development Corporation. During the 45-minute tour that descends to an underground lake, well-rehearsed guides give a history of the caves, their formations, and their importance to the Taino and Spanish. A drink is included in the price of admission (US$20 adults, US$10 children). Green Grotto is located on the eastern edge of Discovery Bay.


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