Sumfest 2015 Highlights

The largest reggae festival held in jamaica spanning three nights, Sumfest is a Montego Bay institution. It features rising and proven Jamaican reggae artistes as well as international musicians. In 2015 Dancehall Night was definitely the highlight, with the most energetic performances and a responsive crowd. Popcaan's live performance has matured to some degree, however he continued to assume the crowd would finish his songs as he trailed off. Aidonia gave a solid performance, as did Bugle and Demarco, while Capleton perhaps stole the show before Lady Saw intrigued fans in an open dialogue with her vagina in her closing performance.

On International Night 1, Common and TI had the crowd thumping as headlining international artists.  Jesse Royal came off somewhat flat, relying on a Bob tune to start his set and working in Tosh lyrics in seeming desperation for lack of originality. His hit, Modern Day Judas, got the crowd stirring for a brief spell before he made way for Kabaka Pyramid, who delivered a strong set to represent the local acts, as did Raging Fyah earlier in the evening.