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Mandeville and the South Coast Highlights

Lower Black River Morass: As one of Jamaica's largest wetlands, this mangrove and swamp is home to a variety of unique animals and plantlife.

Pelican Bar: Located on a sandbar about 1.5 kilometers offshore, this is the best place to spend an afternoon snorkeling and eating fresh fish.

Font Hill Beach Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: An excellent beach park with a small, coral-lined, fine-sand beach and picnic facilities bordering miles of unspoiled coast. (presently closed)

Y.S. Falls: The best-managed waterfall attraction in Jamaica offers swimming, tubing, and a heart-thumping zipline.

Bamboo Avenue: A strip of road planted with giant bamboo groves shades jelly coconut and peanut vendors, making this a fantastic refreshment stop.

Appleton Estate: Jamaica's most popular rum tour features the country's most important and timeless export at the distillery of its most recognized brand.